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About CHC Sports Marketing


CHC SPORTS MARKETING is an innovative new concept in events management formed by Olympian and renowned Ironman Ky Hurst.  Whilst Ky possess the business nous to establish this company, he has collaborated with professionals with the right legal and event management expertise to ensure CHC has the adequate resources and skills to be successful in the sports marketing and event industry.  Together the CHC Sports Marketing team is striving to enhance the value of the corporate, sporting and consumer interaction.


After and extensive career competing at the highest level of his sport and being exposed to the world’s best races and series, Ky  through CHC Sports Marketing is bringing an exciting new swimming format to the shores of Australia.


The  Great Australian Swim Series is a mass participation event, featuring a showcase of elite racing involving some of Australia’s best pool swimmers and international stars, such as Olympic and Commonwealth Games Champions Grant Hackett and Geoff Huegill  and the queen of open water swimming in Australia, Melissa Gorman, participating alongside the broader swimming community.




About the Great Australian Swim Series


The Great Australian Swim Series involves four ocean swims along the east-coast of Australia in Hamilton Island, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Sydney each summer.

Watego/Main Beach plays host to Round 1 of the Series in Byron Bay followed by Coolangatta on the Gold Coast and Hamilton Island Round staging Round 2 & 3 concluding with a unique Final swim in Sydney Harbour around the Opera House on Australia day.

The Great Australian Swim Series events are:


The Great Byron Bay Swim, Round 1

The Great Gold Coast Swim, Round 2

The Great Hamilton Island Swim, Round 3

The Great Sydney Swim, Finial


The main swim at each event is the 2.2km, incorporating categories for all age groups (youth to masters) male and female, there is also an elite level race showcasing Australia and the World’s best open water swimmers. The format of the swim will vary for each location to incorporate a refreshing new approach on this great Australian tradition.

With the CHC value being ‘enjoyment in every experience’, our desire is to encourage wider community involvement in the program.  Therefore we have included an additional event over the distance of 750m to cater for the less experienced swimmer or those who are just feeling like a casual splash.  

Rounding the event off is the Junior Kids 300m Swim for kids 12 years and under offering the opportunity for participants to swim alongside renowned Australian Swimming and Surf representatives adding to their experience and enjoyment whilst at the same time ensuring their safety.

Additional race elements on the day include such events as “first to the buoy”, “dash for cash” and an “anything goes” category in both the 2.2km and 750m race providing participants the opportunity to swim with family and mates and use swimming aides.  Every swimmer will receive a great race pack including a silicon cap and sponsors product. The action won’t be limited to the water with trade and sponsor exhibitions, food and drink outlets, and promotional giveaways taking place on shore.

The Great Australian Swim Series is more than an ocean swim it is an experience, enhancing participants sporting involvement and providing a fun and festive morning out for individuals and families. 

So take the plunge this summer and join in the festivities of the Great Australian Swim Series!